Exhibitor´s Obligatory Application Form

  Note: * obligatory items

Invoice Items:
Business Name (According to Company Register): *
City (town):*
Post Box:*
City Code: *
Company ID: *
Tax ID:
Phone, fax, mobile: *
E-mail: *
Bank Account:
Bank Connection:
Names of Participants:
  Note: If invoice adress is different than post adress, write it down in Other Announcement Box.
Contact Person
Demand of exhibition ground:
Indoor Exhibition  (only including stand)
m2 (100 Euros/m2)
Stateroom (without building stand):
m2 (109 Euros/m2)
Outdoor Exhibition:
( to 20 m2 72 Euros/m2, over 20 m2 63 Euros/m2)
Lease of advertising panel in cogress hall ELEKTRA
m2 (218 Euros/m2)
Company Presentation:
10 minutes (522 Euros)
    20 minut:es (870 Euros)
Propagation of Company in Congress´s Catalog
 - Part of Bulletin (basic information - name, adress, ID, mail, phone):
 Yes  (153 Euros)
- advertisement in Congress Bulletin - one fourth of sheet size A4
 Yes  (261 Euros)
- advertismement in Congress Bulletin – the whole page sheet size  A4
 Yes (563 Euros)
I order building of stand - OCTANORM Company:
 Yes (57 Euros/m2)
Building of stand will be made by us
Participant Fee (3 days): 
 I register  person(s) (214 Euros/person)
Internet version
„Catalog of Waste Distribution 2009 “     83 Euros/piece
I order             piece(s)
Proceedings of lectures without participation  26 Euros/piece
 I order           piece(s)

"Catalog of Waste Distribution 2009 in Czech Republic"         -about 2.400 companies:   31 Euros/piece
( printed version sheet size A5)

 I order            piece(s)
Video of congress and exposition on VHS -  22 Euros/piece
I order            piece(s)
 Video of congress and exposition on DVD - 22 Euros/piece
I order             piece(s)
Video of congress and exposition on CD   - 22 Euros/piece
I order            piece(s)
Other Announcement:


Mentioned prices do not iclude VAT.

 We invoice VAT to letting of ground and provided services according to §30, Law number 588/92 Coll. in wording of all novels and amendment. We will send you a document of taxation after receiving properly completed application.

We accept the organizer´s law to adequately extend or reduce demanded exhibition ground. We undertake to respect and pay for size and type of exhibition ground confirming by the organizer. We agree with general conditions of participation.
We are allowed to ask you for properly completion, crossing all lines, signing and confirming inclusive of stamp and sending to our address. Each participant books his/her accommodation by him-/herself. A list of hotels - see our web sides.

We proclaim we are acquainted with general conditions of participation and agree with them without exceptions. (here write "agree").*  




HEAD I – An organizer of the Congress and Exposition

JOGA LUHACOVICE, Ltd., Uherskobrodska 984, 763 26 Luhacovice (next the organizer only)


HEAD II – Obligatory applications and assignment of exhibition ground

1. The obligatory application send to the organizer is obligatory for an exhibitor. The organizer decides about acceptance, cancelling or rejection of the obligatory application without giving a reason for his resolution.

2. The organizer makes his confirming about final assignment exhibition ground after defrayment of hire, at least 50 percent. Defrayment of the whole hire is condition for percolation of exhibition ground to the exhibitor before beginning of construction or installation of exhibit.

3. Acquitted defrayment is not returned if obligatory application is cancelled and backing payment for booked services is defrayed.

4. The exhibitor undertakes to fill all obligations made by his/her participation, his/her coo-exhibitor´s participation and firms which are participated on the Congress and which are delegated by the exhibitor.

5. The obligatory application cannot be used for another firm or participant without the organizer´s agreement.


HEAD III – Participant fee

Defrayed participant fee will not be returned if participant fee is cancelled from the exhibitor´s side after registration of the obligatory application. Each exhibitor must be registered also as the participant of the Congress and pay for participant fee according to number of participated persons of the exhibitor, at least one participant fee.


HEAD IV – Lease of exhibition ground

1. Lease of exhibition ground is always mentioned in the obligatory application. Each next taking meter is account as the whole meter.

2. Defrayed advance will not be returned if participation is cancelled from the exhibitor´s side before assignment of meters of exhibition ground. Defrayed hire will not be returned if participation is cancelled from the exhibitor´s side after assignment of exhibition ground.

3. The exhibitor is not allowed to let his/her assignment exhibition ground to the third person.


HEAD V - Exhibits

1. Product, goods or law to immaterial possession which is binding registered and exposed in space given by the organizer and which responses to nomenclature of the Congress is considered to be an exhibit.

2. The exhibitor is owed the organizer to announce changes of the exhibitor´s exhibits. The exhibitor has to make small and worth exhibits safe against theft.

3. The organizer organizes receiving and haul of exhibits. Handling and warehousing fee will be accounted for exhibits, which will not be carried off to 24 hours after ending of the Congress.

4. Only exhibitor makes inspection of products and goods. If the exhibitor or his/her delegate is not on a place, exhibit will be given on assignment exhibition ground on the exhibitor´s risk. It is not allowed to cart away exhibits during the Congress and Exposition.

5. Preparation and assembly of exhibits or stands can start 24 hours before opening of the Congress.


HEAD VI – Construction and installation of exposition, assembly of exhibits

1. The organizer sets terms of assembly, disassembly and working hours. Safety orders are obligatory for the exhibitor during construction of exposition and exposing of exhibits. The organizer will not allow working of exposition if safety orders are not kept.

2. Wall hydrants, fire detectors, fire - extinguishers and other equipments making security cannot be stemmed. Intervention to objects of the Assembly Hall Elektra or free ground is not allowed. The exhibitor is owed the organizer to book all work connected with arrangement of exhibition ground.

3. The exhibitor is owed the organizer to book supply and outflow of water, electricity and other services.

4. The exhibitor responses for all equipment lent by the organizer and the exhibitor is owed to return them not destroyed after ending of the Congress.

5. The exhibitor is owed to restore or defray to the organizer all damage of exhibition ground and equipment, which the exhibitor has leased.

6. The exhibitor is owed to respect valid safety orders.

7. Construction of exposition inclusive of assembly must be finished till 23 p. m. of the last day before the day when the Congress and Exposition is officially opened.

8. Disassembly of exposition, stands and exhibits inclusive of outdoor ground can begin at earliest one hour after official ending of the Congress and Exposition.


HEAD VII – Promotion, advertising, legends

1. The exhibitor is allowed to promote his/her products only on his/her exposition or the exhibitor can lease advertising panels.

2. All advertising mediums used outside own exposition or stand must be booked at the organizer.


HEAD VIII - Insurance

1. The organizer is not responsible to the exhibitor nor his/her coo-exhibitors for loss, damage or any injury of exhibits, equipment or equipment of stands, goods, covers and wrapping material no matter if damage or another injury happened before opening, during or after ending of the Congress and Exposition.


HEAD IX – Final regulation

1. If the organizer cannot open the Congress and Exposition, provide meeting of the Congress and Exposition for the whole time or its part on the whole exhibition ground or in the Assembly Hall Elektra due to circumstances, which the organizer has not caused, the organizer let the exhibiters know immediately. All obligations arisen from made contract about the exhibitor´s participation to the organizer become extinct. In this case the exhibitor does not have any claim to compensation for arisen damage. The organizer has law to keep back adequate part of payments meantime defrayed by the exhibitor.

2. The exhibitor can make complain for work and services provided by the organizer at a responsible worker without unnecessary delay, at the last at day when the Congress and Exposition ends. Otherwise the exhibitor´s law becomes extinct.

3. If it is not set in a different way, the organizer is rightful to exclude the exhibitor from his/her next participation on exposition or seminar if the exhibitor breaks some of regulations. In this case the exhibitor does not have any claim to compensation for eventual damage and return of acquitted hire.




In Luhacovice 20nd November 2009                                                              JOGA LUHAČOVICE, s.r.o.




Note: * obligatory items

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